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Ram2500 6speed.
Truck had a hard life before I bought it. When I did buy it I got screwed and it's been and uphill battle ever since. first diesel hardest part so far is gathering the right size tools to work on what i can. im not by an means a mechanic but im also broke so i end up working on most of my stuff.

current problems.
unknown oil leak 1 qt every 500 miles.
bad lower passenger ball joint, axial joint and or wheel bearing.
exhaust leak.
slow warming of motor.
hard shifting into 3d gear.

.problems that have occurred and been fixed.
both wheel bearings.
fuel pump.
fuel line leak from tank rubbing a hole.
death wobble.
steering shaft.
clutch failure.
hydrolic leak.
shift column inner boot.
rust inside rear doors.
driver window motor.
front 4x4 shaft ball barring.
thats all I can remember.

future projects.
2 1/2 front level kit.
front winch mount.
overhead cargo rack.
hood scoop.
afe air intake elbow
s&b cold air intake.
rear bumper to match front.
handgun vault.
pillar gauge pod.
rigid wheel well light kit.
canvas seat covers.
vinyl flooring to replace carpet.
bilteen shocks.
2004 Dodge Ram2500 6speed. (Gold)


Nothing fancy.
new rebuilt motor +50 hp injectors.
new dual disk south bend clutch and hydraulics.
4inch turbo back straight pipe with 8 inch tip.
fass fuel system.
factory turbo.
factory air intake- work in progress.
overhead gauge pod with switches for current and future projects .
Front custom bumper with cree light bar.
hurculiner rocker panels and finder flares.
cree backup lights.
rigid bed lighting.
Nfab steps.
rigid fog lights.
winch -work in progress.
B&H turn over ball.
rhino line bed.
current project stereo.
x2 jl 10 inch subs- check.
under seat ported custom box-check.
focal front 5x7-check.
focal rear 6x6 check.
phenox gold 4 channel amp-check.
Memphis single channel amp-check.
pioneer double din radio- work in progress.
A whole list trying to get rid of death wobble.
upgraded to 08 style drag link.
moog track bar bushings.
moog upper and lower ball joints.
fixing to replace both inner axial u joints.
rough country dual steering stabilizers.
borgosen steering shaft.
bd steering gear box stabilizer.
moog sway bar bushings.
2 inch front leveling kit.
Wheel and Tire
fuel 17 inch rims with mastercraft 35 a/t tires.



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