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Ram 2500- Laramie
Mineral Gray
Actually a good story!
While deployed to Iraq with the Marine Corps, I promised myself that if I lived thru the deadliest period of fighting over there in 2003-2005 I would treat myself to my "Dream Truck" with all the Tax Free cash I made while there, and with no where to spend money while there too! Despite being blown up by 3 IED's, shot at with small arms on a daily basis, narrowly missed from RPG's, Rockets, and the scariest weapon there-mortars!! I did make it back to the Camp Pendleton, CA area where I began my quest!!

Through my cousin who worked at a dealership in Jersey, I was able to obtain the TRUE / ACTUAL dealer cost of the truck I wanted!! I went & called dozens of Dodge Dealers offering them all exactly $100 over dealer cost for this truck! Many laughed in my face, some hung up on me over phone, and many stated they were getting full sticker price-and had no reason to do such a silly deal. Until by total chance a "Fleet Manager" overheard me talking w a Sales Rep at a dealer about an hour + north of Base, and said he would actually do this deal by adding it to a group of 10 other trucks he was ordering for a power Co- but that I MUST pick it up the very same day it arrived or deal was off! Needless to say I got the truck- plus CA started putting some very cool 4WD Shops in their own Dealerships since they knew people would end up tricking out their trucks anyway, and saw a way to make money doing so-while still keeping the warranty! This is where I added MANY mods before the truck even had 25 miles on it, and sold back many stock pieces (Tires & Wheels) to the dealer as well) ALL covered by warranty!!
To this day I still love driving this truck and thank those Fleet guys more than anyone in my Dodge memory!
2005 Dodge Ram 2500- Laramie (Mineral Gray)



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