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Bought 2/2016 in non running condition. PO advised it needed a new injection pump. The truck was filthy inside and out. A good cleaning and it looked much better. The no start issue was due to poor electrical connections. I cleaned all the vital electrical connections under the hood, (inj pump, apps, etc) and the truck came back to life after three years of sitting. It had 106k miles on it at the time. The injection pump did in fact need replaced, but I managed to get 3k miles out of a failing pump. The head lights didn't work, fixed that. The interior lights didn't work, fixed those. Lots of electrical gremlins were fixed, mainly due to poor or missing grounds.

This truck is a work in progress. When I get finished it'll be a good looking old Dodge.
2002 Dodge 3500 (Red)


New injection pump, new RV275 injectors, FASS 150, Beans sump, Fluidamper, Edge Comp, BHAF, 4 inch turbo back to a 7 inch SoFlo cat stack. I'm still utilizing the factory HX35W turbo. It's a little laggy down low with the comp on 5x5, but it lights up fairly quick and makes a solid 30psi with the boost elbow installed. Runs great, pulls like a freight train with the comp on 5x5, all while getting almost 23mpg on the highway with the cruise set at 70. I'm really pleased with this setup in both power and economy.

The stack is well built, gets a lot of attention and compliments. Mostly from the younger crowd. I had dual 6 inch stacks on my first one ton, however I don't remember them being this loud. This thing is brutal, but I can live with it. For now.
The factory seats and center console are in remarkably good condition considering this was a ranchers truck. I gave everything a good shampoo and called it good. Typical busted dash and bezel. Replacements will be purchased.
This truck belonged to a local rancher, so the body is a 20 footer at best. The typical Dodge paint is starting to peel and the bed is in pretty rough shape. Both dually fenders are busted. I've since purchased a like new dually bed for it and will be installing it when I do the paint and body work. I didn't care for the cowl hood at first, but its grown on me. I'll keep it.
I remote mounted a commercial Kenwood TK-730 VHF radio that I programmed for 2 meter amateur frequencies. These are great radios for anyone looking for a heavy duty 2 meter mobile, and they can be found cheap on ebay since they don't support narrow banding. The RF deck is located under the drivers seat.

Gauges are great entertainment! I added a triple pillar pod stuffed with Isspro gauges to keep an eye on things. EGT's, Boost and Fuel Pressure.
Bone stock 3500 suspension.
Wheel and Tire
I picked up some Eagle 058's on a face book group for $100. They were scratched up, and had oxidized terribly. They cleaned up really nice with a lot of sanding, polishing and more sanding and polishing. Then I sanded and polished them again. About 4 hours on each wheel to make them look like new again. Did I mention I sanded and polished them?

New center caps and lug nuts finished them off.



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