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Originally blue, now white
LE, elec windows, elec mirrors
1991.5 Dodge D250 LE, Originally was a farm truck for most of its life here in the midwest (South Dakota). My grandpa had a 1976 blue Powerwagon with 318cuin engine. I remember sitting on the bench seat as a child. So when I came across this truck with 5.9 cummins and 5 speed G360, I hopped on it.
91.5 Dodge D250 (Originally blue, now white)


5.9L Cummins (380,000 miles), stock H1C w/painted red compressor housing, Denny T stage 2 fuel pin, aftermarket fuel pump (bypassed oem lift pump), aftermarket inter-cooler piping, missing some parts like windshield washer reservoir, grounds needed cleaning, some burnt fuse-able links, weird ghetto wiring (LOL), oem brass radiator had crushed coolant outlet (leaked everywhere).
Relatively clean the day I got it, door panels are not in the picture, but the previous owner was trying to fix the switches before selling to me. Clutch pedal was super sloppy (worn out bracket pin/clutch master cylinder rod was worn too). Dash was cracked and had few clips missing. Dash lights were swapped with red LED bulbs but was installed wrong. Missing some interior pieces, upper plastics, dash pieces, door switch bezels, etc. Turn signal grounds were corroded. Pretty much all wires/grounds needed to be cleaned, etc etc.
Originally was OEM blue, was repainted (not the best, has "orange peel" look, lots of over spray. Passenger front turn signal broken. She looks beautiful 20/20 (20 feet away @ 20 miles per hour LOL)
Stock suspension, but will be adding in front and rear sway bars, bilstein front and rear shocks, moog ball joints, tierods, ect.
Wheel and Tire
Ford 16x6 gray steelies 4 slot window wheels (I will paint them black soon enough)



1991.5 Dodge D250
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installed holset he351 (I rebuilt using holset parts) welded spring gate bracket on hotside, sac 155* 5x.012 ducky injectors, M&H timing advance spacer, bumped gear 1 tooth advanced, "374" 3600 rpm gov spring, denny t stage 2 fuel pin (previous owner), non intercooled ve pump afc spring (black/green), 60# over stock valve springs, afc machined flush with top, rebuilt ve44 pump (previous owner) & I then rebuilt it again after gear/shaft failure, removed fuel heater, extended fuel screw, added a edelbrock 8157 billet aluminum 40micron fuel filter (before lift pump), carter 2nd gen electric lift pump (previous owner), did the kdp fix, front seal replaced, all new fluids (rad, brake, clutch, engine, 5 qt trans refill, diff fluid and cover seal), installed glowshift gauges (pyro, fuel pressure, boost), fixed pass window motor, fixed alot of exterior wiring, put headlights on a relay, dash light mods to led and aluminum foil trick to increase light efficiency, all new sachs shocks, powdercoated aluminum 16x8 progressive saw blade wheels satin black and new rubber, front brake pad and rotors new (previous owner), new moog balljoints (previous owner), 1 ton van lower control arms to lower front end (previous owner), removed a few leaf springs to lower rear (previous owner), swapped front bumper to a 76 d100 smooth style and the rear bumper to a 82 ramcharger smooth style (cut slots into roll pan to fit bumper over it).





-fusible link delete (in progress)
-Vco 145* 5x.014 injectors (in progress)
-powerstroke intercooler (in process)
-6.7 smeding diesel intake on a milled 2nd gen intake plenum/remove intake heater(in process)
-getrag 360 rebuild/rear main seal (in progress)
-search for interior plastics (future fix)
-front end rebuild of the tie rods, upper control arm, etc (future fix)
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