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General Information

Ram 2500 4x4
Brilliant Blue (PCH)
Bought in July '13 from a manufacturer of milk of magnesia who used it as a tow vehicle with 266k on it. They purchased it from an employee, who was the original owner. Been going full retard with it ever since.

Made 473hp @ 2850 / 914ft-lbs @ 2500 uncorrected at Alligator's Hunting for Horsepower, 9/5/15 on the following mods: 4K GSK, PDD 5x14s & .025s, 20°, HE351CW @ 42 psi, 1600+ hp Stock Fuel System, BHAF w/Outerwear, 4" TBE, Electric Fans, at 300k miles.
1995 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 (Brilliant Blue (PCH))


[b]Go-Fast Stuff[/b]
[URL=""]AFC Live v2.0[/url], including other AFC stuff such as the common mods, [URL=""]the stop bolt mod[/URL] and a [URL=""]custom AFC foot profile.[/url]
20° Timing
[URL=""]PDD 5x14 Injectors[/url]
[URL=""]Heavily Overthought 4k GSK[/url] that I'm still not happy with...
[url=""]S362/68/.7 Divided, Wastegated, FMW @ 50 psi[/url]
[URL=""]PDD Turbo Tuner[/url]
[URL=""]d89's Super Fantastic Fuel System[/url]
[URL=""]Donaldson BHAF w/ Outwear, Heat Shield, and Filter Minder[/url]
4" Turbo-back side dump, with [URL=""]FTE Resonator. No drone![/url]
Freshly Torqued Socket Head Cap Screws

[b]Not Go-Fast Stuff[/b]
[URL=""]d89's G56 Swap[/url]
[URL=""]d89's Volvo E-Fans[/URL] with an Arduino control unit.
[URL=""]d89's Big Rig Alternator Swap[/url]
[URL=""]d89's Spin-On Power Steering Filter[/url]
[URL=""]d89's Bolt-In Hydroboost Swap[/url]

[b]Other Interesting Stuff[/b]
[URL=""]d89 Presents: How Long Should I Run My Block Heater?[/url]
[URL=""]d89 is not impressed with Kat's heaters[/url]
[URL="]Old Turbo Setup[/url]
Hewitt Industries 50 psi boost gauge
Isspro 1500° pyrometer, 30 psi fuel pressure gauge, and trans temp gauge.
Tekonsha Prodigy P2 trailer brake controller.
LED dome/map lights.
d89's Homemade Moose Plow
Rice Burner Projectors after upgrading from [URL=""]d89's Supersport Headlights[/url]
[URL=""]d89's Lou Ferrigno 5th Wheel Rails/Hidden Gooseneck[/URL]
Tow Mirrors (I leave them down to give the Powerstrokes a fighting chance)
Faded, oxidized, peeling paint (it adds rwhp so I've left it like that)
Big white Cummins "C" (good for 5 rwhp) and a sticker (good for an undetermined amount of street cred)
Aluminum toolbox full of crap you hope you never need.
Pioneer DEH-X7800BHS
Monroe Reflex shocks
Moog track bar
3.54 gears
Wheel and Tire
3rd-Gen Alloys with Hankook Dynapro ATM 265/70-17s.