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I've restored this truck from a different color panel clapped out truck to something I would consider decent..I've done all the work myself i ain't no pro just someone who's handy haha. its 24v cummins with a 5 speed manual its a 2wd :/
1998 Dodge 12 valve, extended cab, flatbed
2012 RAM 2500 4X4 BIG HORN
1991 first gen cummins single cab
Truck runs like a top and park as soon as you put it in the year the truck lopes and wants to take off when you leave from a stop there is no power. Just did a head gasket has brand new injectors and an air dog lift pump. A 165 4g lift pump.
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I put tunes into my 07 Dodge ram 3500 5.9 and as soon as i did speedometer stopped working and abs parking break lights are on check engine light and also airbag light is on.
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Beverage break at the top.
2019 RAM 2500 Cummins Diesel (Blue)
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