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fredr1980 02-28-2015 11:07 PM

Opinions on long lasting tires for 19.5" rim
Long story short my truck goes through tires pretty quick. I commute to work about 130 miles a day round trip of which roughly 30 miles are going up a windy mountainous road.

I rotate my tires about every 5k miles and there is no uneven wear on the tires as they all pretty much wear done at the same rate.

My last couple sets of tires, 265/70r17 Firestone TransForce AT lasted about 20K miles & 315/70r17 BFG A/T KO lasted about 15K miles. I went back to the stock size tires for better mileage and currently have a set of 265/70r17 Michelin LTX M/S2 have about 15K on them and I'll be lucky to get another 15K out of them before they slicks.

I'm pretty much done with dropping $1100-$1300 on tires this quickly and have been reading up on going with a 19.5" rim & tire combo. I've decided on Vision 81 SRW 19.5 rims but I can't find any definitive on what brand tires will get me 80-100k miles.

I would prefer a tire that does well in wet weather and also be able to go in the snow as I take frequent trips to the Sierras during snow season. Please give me your opinions on a decent 19.5" tire in either a 225/70r19.5 or 245/70r19.5 size.

Thanks again,
Fred R.

I want to add that the two tires I am currently considering are the Cooper Roadmaster RM253 and the Goodyear G622 tires as they seem to be a decent all-around tire that I would need for driving in wet conditions and driving in the snow during winter months.

I also tow my Jeep to the trails a few times a year, goose neck with Jeep is probably around 8-9K lbs so I'm not really worried about a high weight rating on the tires as any 19.5" tire will be more than enough for what I'm doing.

Mopar. 03-02-2015 01:13 PM

Nobody can tell you for sure that you will get 80 - 100k out of a set of tires. Even the best tires will wear quickly in the right (wrong) conditions.

Having said that I'm running XDS2's on the drive and XZE's on the steer. So far they wear like iron. Will they last 100K? Based on present wear I'd say pretty close. Some people do much worse. Depends on a lot on how you drive. My truck is for work and camper hauling not racing etc. Got plenty of toys when I want to go fast.

Have you driven a truck with 19.5's in your conditions? Most people state, and I agree, that traction on loose surfaces can be sketchy. When unloaded and on wet rain pavement it is fairly easy to spin them. On loose gravel with a heavily loaded trailer on the hitch they can also be interesting. Put 3 - 4k in the bed and it gets much better. With a heavy GN trailer no issue. 19.5's can't be aired down like LT tires. I usually run 85 - 90 psi front and rear. More if the camper is on and fully loaded and/or pulling a trailer.

Snow traction is OK but 4WD is required especially if empty and it's over 8 or 10 inches deep.

Many 19.5 tires are directional so may limit your rotation ability unless you run "all position" tires. Didn't like the tread on them.

Main reason I put them on was for weight. I usually run 3-4k in the bed (camper is 5200) and 10k on the trailer. I just don't like being right close to the limit of the tires all the time. Yes they sing, the ride is a little stiffer but the sway is much better and I have wheels rated at 4500 each.

Of course I forked over about 3k for tires.

skinnyvito 03-02-2015 01:56 PM

I ran Rickson steel wheels and G622 (245 load range G) tires for a while. I ran 70 psi all around unless towing or if I had a heavy load in the bed. They'll last a while compared to regular tires and are regroovable. My mileage was okay too. Mine sounded like I was riding in a school bus. It didn't bother me, but others complained. They were horrible in the snow, unless in four wheel drive. They are heavy and you'll feel it starting, stopping and if you rotate them by yourself. I ran balance beads and had vibrations between seventy five and eighty miles per hour. If I had my current suspension on at the time I may have kept them, but they ride stiff too.

19.5's aren't for everyone, but may work for you. The harder compound will last longer, but it's a compromise. If you're not happy you can always sell them. They hold their value well.

All American 08-22-2015 11:39 PM

I have those exact wheels. I think I am going to sell them. I have Bridgestone M729 tires on the rear and Goodyear steer tires up front.

Text is best if you're interested.
(949) 973-577one

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