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vanwally635! 08-12-2017 08:13 AM

Passenger airbag recall
Dealer did a software upgrade only for this recall. Bought my 3500 for the 6.7 Cummins. First Ram I have ever owned. 4TH RECALL. What's up with this manufacturer. Went with this size truck due to the amount of front end issues with the lighter trucks.

bluedxj 08-25-2017 08:47 PM

what year is your truck? i just got a letter in the mail for the 07.5 i just bought for the pass airbag i still need to call the dealer.

Maxxx 01-17-2018 08:25 AM

I had a similliar situation with my truck.
I had to visit my dealer evety time he called to fix the problem in advance.
Thanks God I was successfully driving my Dodge Ram for more than 10 years.
Last year there was an opportunity to change the truck and,of course, I did it.
I purchased the best selling American truck - Ford.
But I would never imagine that I will do it. I was Ford hater, you know, but
now it's the opposite situation.
My choice was 2015 Ford F450, I hope that this truck will serve me
even longer than my previous Ram.
That's my story. I think you will drive your Ram at least 10 years too.

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