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Dude_57 03-21-2019 02:00 PM

BBI Injector Knowledge
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Here is some information I have for anyone who is interested in BBI Injectors.

BBI has over 25 years experience in the industry as the owners used to work for BOSCH directly. They were on the design and engineering side. They know literally everything good and bad about the injectors. In knowing all of this they knew how to make them better. The tolerances are much tighter and any weak points inside of the injectors they have improved upon it.

Anytime there was defect causing a trend, they spent loads of time pin pointing the failure point and then fixed it with their skills.

Now, on to the important numbers.

The New line of injectors have a failure rate of .1% Started producing in 2012.

Total there have been about 12 Injectors sent back claiming warranty and that there was in issue. 3 returned back with no failures, 2 had a broken magnet core, 5 had debris found in injectors, 1 had wear on valve seat, 1 had water contaminated fuel.

Out of those only 3 had real issues that were not due to misuse or improper installation.

The remans have a .3% failure rate. Started producing in 2016.

Total of 4 have been returned with warranty claim. 3 of them were a defective magnet ( they have found and fixed this issue ), 1 set was sent back but it was determined after the investigation that it was the customer who had installed them incorrectly causing the damage.

The reason the numbers are a little different are because BBI started offering REMAN injectors in 2016 where the company started in 2012.

Ill be more then happy to help anyone out and to better help them understand the quality that these guys are known for.

Reman Injectors: There were 3 solenoid failures that did happen and came back around the 2 month mark. These 3 failures happened before improved reman testing was done. There was 1 single failure that they found after the improved testing was initiated. The single failure was not found after the new reman process because it was a contact failure that could only be found with a side load on one of the pins. This failure is nearly impossible to find and can still potentially pass through the new reman process. ( Quality Control )

New Injectors ( Highline )

The broken magnet cores that were returned happened fairly fast as well.

The single injector that had the worn valve seat was believed to be a failure from bosch during the hardening process and or the possibility of surface roughness out of tolerance. This failure was longer running until the injector caused issues in the truck. This was not clarified due to the cost of micro hardness testing. The testing for this process would cost more then a new injector.

If anyone has any questions i am more than happy to help you choose which ones will be best for your application.

I am a certified dealer and will make sure you get taken care of.


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Kmehr 03-21-2019 02:06 PM

Good info. Any idea what the failure rates are on New Bosch and Reman Bosch injectors?

Dude_57 03-23-2019 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by Kmehr (Post 28933807)
Good info. Any idea what the failure rates are on New Bosch and Reman Bosch injectors?

Sorry for the late reply. I missed the notification. I am not sure on that but i will see what i can find out for sure if you would like.

Kmehr 03-23-2019 12:02 PM

I would love to know!

Dude_57 03-24-2019 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by Kmehr (Post 28935485)
I would love to know!

Alrighty sir, sorry for the delay. It does take some time to try and dig around and get the proper correct info. I'll shoot you a pm with some knowledge.

Dude's Diesel Performance 05-15-2019 12:09 PM

Bump for the week!

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