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SLeBlanc 03-20-2018 07:41 PM

truck dinged up and paint correction
Guys I am going through and reading the sticky threads. All have great information. I just had a few questions and maybe you could give me some suggestions.
truck is a 2012 in the basic white. the paint finish is looking pretty rough. To start I don't think this truck has ever been waxed, it was one of our old company trucks that was used in the oilfields of texas and louisiana so it has been exposed to some nasty chemicals. Good part is when i wash it the swirling doesn't look to be too bad, but it definitely needs to be clay barred. the front fender did have the clear coating peeling but i was able to wet sand it level and respray clear over the area and then buff it to look good again. ( being white its easy to hide the defects) it has mostly small dings on almost every panel and a couple that are in spots i don't think i could pull with the paint less dent repair, also some of the dings have the paint chipped in the center and some without none are deeper than an 1/8th of an inch or so, but overall i think it would clean up mostly with a nice 2 step paint correction. i am thinking with going with Adams products on the project i have had luck with them in the past.if you guys have any other recommendations i am open to them.

So the process i am thinking of is going over the dings with filler and sanding them to get the body all back straight, i am also thinking if i can do these small areas it would allow me to get away with not painting the whole truck. Have any of you guys had luck with doing things like this? If so what products are you using? Do any of you see any problems with trying this method?
I know it wont be a perfect finish but i think it would bring the truck back to life if i can get it close to looking right again.

I was thinking filler, primer, color match, clear then run the buffer on the whole area to blend it well and bring the shine back with the compound and finishing products. ( similar to how i did the clear on the fender)

any suggestions welcome I hope i explained this well enough for you guys to follow.

epinkiert 07-22-2018 10:07 PM

Are you meaning you want to just try spotting in multiple spots on the same panel? Usually blending and buffing in the middle of the panel doesn’t hold up very well

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