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SteveH 10-03-2013 02:28 PM

Best Dealer to deal with (Service) ?
New here; just picked up a '13. What is the best dealer in NCC to take the truck in for service, parts, etc ? Im sure most of the dealers are jokers; so just trying to weed out the major knuckleheads. I bought the truck from out of state.


SteveH 10-08-2013 10:24 AM

Biddy Bump - anyone ?

gasjr4wd 10-15-2013 06:41 AM

I haven't dealt with the one at the 13/40 split other than it's where I bought my truck used... they told me they would fix a few things when I bought it. They took forever to get me the tags and title (like 3 temp tags worth of time), then they said they wouldn't fix the things. I told them I wanted to make one trip and leave the truck once. They said fine, UNTIL it came time for them to fix things. Nothing big... grab handle on drivers side... stuff like that. And yes, I had it in writing.

brihvac 11-24-2013 08:34 PM

I would like to know also who the best diesel dealer for service

palady6.7 03-14-2014 11:49 AM

I buy alot of cars and trucks and know the General manger over at Carman Dodge. I can only speak for my self but they have taken good care of me over there. Now my current truck with all the mods:confused013: maybe, but if i can get something done I'm sure they will work with me. They worked with me back in 08 when my 08 was deleted with sims but since then I have not had major issues with my 2012 to try again.

gasjr4wd 03-14-2014 12:23 PM

Carman Dodge:
Well, I called them on this week tuesday @ 2pm and said "hey, I got a few postcards for recalls and want to bring in my truck and have them all done" to the person taking messages for the service department. Ninety minutes later the service chick called me to set up an day and time to bring it in. I said the same thing to her and I asked how about I drop it off to you on friday. She said she had friday afternoon open. I said I was planning on giving it to you all day as there seems to be a lot of recall work to be done. She said that was fine... then said, "will your parts be in by friday?" I said what parts? We had a long conversation about how she can't schedule service until I order my parts and they are in. How do I know what parts/part numbers they need? She said she would have to check on the parts and she would call me back. She did call me (vm) just before 5 and gave me her direct number... a number that doesn't work and is disconnected.
I've not decided if I should drive over there and do this face to face or to call another dealership.
Carman Dodge sucks.

palady6.7 03-14-2014 03:28 PM

Well like I said its been a while since I had service done there. I did buy two trucks there last year but I've changed the oil, everything else has been fine. But yea if that's the run around your getting then I don't know who else to try. All dealers suck. I ordered my cold weather plug from Newark dodge few weeks ago told me 3-5 days 2.5 weeks later I got it. So they suck too:hehe:

gasjr4wd 03-14-2014 03:49 PM

I thought about giving that dealership up on 202 a shot... David Dodge or something. Or maybe the one in Dover. Holden or Burton...
Did you have to order your oil and filter first? LOL
Still baffles the crap out of me how they work.
Oh, and forget about ordering anything without a VIN. I got a price for front springs. Had the complete Dodge part number... was still told they needed a VIN. I told them to make one up.

Dugan1 04-22-2014 06:52 PM

If you need work done, im local in New castle.

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