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adamsquared 05-21-2019 11:02 PM

injectors with quad
i am having trouble deciding which injectors to get i have a 2002 so cummins engine block just got back from machine shop 20 over with mahle pistons going in all new bearings and gaskets and fire ringed block. new hamilton 178/208 cam , hamilton tappets, hamilton hd push rods, new cylinder head with valves fire ringed, 6.7 rocker assembly's manton valve bridges. arp 620 head stuts . fire ring head gasket, new industrial injection so vp44, fass 150, steed speed common rail style manifold ( going in ford excursion ) . 4 inch exhaust, quadzilla v2, all aluminum radiator and inter cooler upgrade. fully built ford transmission, re geared to 4.56 gears, lifted 6 inches on 37x17 tires. this will be a daily driver mostly city driving lil towing, its a full ground up restomod new everything. im having trouble deciding on what injectors to get with my setup. i want something fun to drive every day reliable with power . sxe 62/68/12 turbo

PTSCummins 05-21-2019 11:04 PM

What turbo? 7x.011s or 7x.012s are still plenty cool for a street setup with the right turbo

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adamsquared 05-21-2019 11:08 PM

sxe 62/68/12

RedrumLx 05-21-2019 11:21 PM

I'm running the same turbo from DAP and they recommended the 7x.010 injectors. Claimed at 150-175 horse injectors. My truck moves out real good thru the whole rpm range. Turbo lights quick and it gooooeeeeesss

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me78569 05-21-2019 11:31 PM

7 x.010 as they will give you enough fuel to max that turbo while still being really easy to tune.

adamsquared 05-21-2019 11:32 PM

how are your egts on those injectors ?. are they sac or vco

RedrumLx 05-21-2019 11:38 PM


Originally Posted by adamsquared (Post 28987285)
how are your egts on those injectors ?. are they sac or vco

I've never even seen my egt's go above 800. And by the time they even get that high I'm well above the speed limit and have to back off. And they're sac

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RedrumLx 05-21-2019 11:39 PM

Just cruising mine are always 400-600

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adamsquared 05-21-2019 11:46 PM

that's good i was worried about the temps.

jigabop 05-22-2019 12:45 AM

I'm worried about that gearing...4.56....oof. Even with 37's: 4.56 gearing is gonna be up there in RPM on the freeway in overdrive.

I woulda gone with ~4.10 gearing. get the RPM under 2k @60. You'll have more than enough power to pull longer gearing and make more use of the gearing.

I have 4.10's with 35" tires and I want 3.54 gears with 35" tires... My gearing feels worse than a close ratio 5spd MX bike lol.

adamsquared 05-22-2019 01:05 AM

i was under the assumption that 4.56 gears with 37's netted a close to stock tire size to gear ratio ??

Stormin08 05-22-2019 08:08 AM

all depends on which....FULLY BUILT FORD TRANS means ?

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