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mykeb 05-19-2019 02:49 AM

Double Din Install in 2nd gen ram
Here is a few pics of my double din install using the kit from Amazon.

mykeb 05-19-2019 02:51 AM

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Finished Install.
I install a pioneer NEX2500 unit. It is just a millimeter to large for the faceplate kit, but still works just fine.

mykeb 05-19-2019 02:53 AM

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Instructions say to cut out the entire grey area in this pic

mykeb 05-19-2019 03:20 AM

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Cut out as per the Instructions. Die grinder wouldve been super handy. I used a plastic welder. still didnt fit by following the I structions

mykeb 05-19-2019 03:22 AM

Finally got for up, and decided to cut out the top area inside the radio cubby hole.
Honestly believe, ignore the instructions...and cut the top out first.

mykeb 05-19-2019 03:24 AM

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Pic of top section after it was removed

mykeb 05-19-2019 03:28 AM

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Radio kept hitting this metal piece.
Local audio shop said they cut that out to make radios for, even on newer vehicles. Which, is insane..that is a structural member.
.cut out the top area above the radio, radio can then tilt the 1/8" it needs to be picked up over the metal bracket.
Which also tells me, you can probably leave all the lower plastic in place

mykeb 05-19-2019 03:32 AM

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Up close shot of the faceplate that allows it to work.
I'm perfectly happy with how it fit the contours of the stock dash trim.
And 100x's easier than trying to plastic weld/or use bondo to allow a double din to work, like used to be done before there was this kit

mykeb 05-19-2019 03:36 AM

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Install kit that i used

Stormin08 05-19-2019 06:42 PM

doesnt look bad at all...i had a standard bezel, i would do the same. But i wont cut my wood trim bezel. if i decide to redo the door panel spears, i may paint the whole wood bezel.

krrz350 05-19-2019 09:17 PM

I just my double din in with that kit a few days ago. I actually wrote a very opinionated e-mail/review to the company about how much more plastic actually has to be removed like the upper portion. Just glad I'm not the only one with that problem.

beren 05-21-2019 11:15 AM

Yeah I have a wood bezel and don't wanna damage it :-( I would love a double din CarPlay radio though.

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