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proper type of smoke question

I am new to the diesel world and just want to ask a question about the smoke that comes out of the truck. Every one says black smoke is good white is bad.

So I just wanted to ask because I may be just paranoid about this?

I just bought a 95 dodge with 75k miles on it and have be driving it for a while when it was warm, black smoke would come out when I hit the gas hard.

Now winter has set in and when the truck is warm charcoal smoke comes out when I hit it. Is this normal or should it be dark black?

when I start it in the morning and it is cold a little whit smoke comes out ( like most cars do at this time of the year) Then when it warms up there is no smoke at all and if I blip the throttle a puff of black smoke comes out. Normal driving no smoke comes out.

Thanks for your help

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