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Pulling P0121, P0237, P0633, P1222, P2146, & P2149

Bought this truck, not the project that came with it. I have fixed countless things wrong with it that aren't apparent on first inspection or a test drive.<br />
<br />
It is now throwing half the codes it did when I bought it (with a burned out CEL, a &quot;New&quot; clutch with a rusty throwout bearing that FAILED, a bad Fan Clutch Bearing &amp; Clutch, Bad Front Axle U-Joints, Front/Rear Brakes, Bad IAT Sensor, etc.)<br />
<br />
P0121 - APPS Signal Voltage Too Low<br />
P0237 - Turbocharger Boost Pressure Sensor Low<br />
P0633 - SKIM Key Not Programmed in PCM<br />
P1222 - Fuel Air Metering, Injector Controll Circuit<br />
P2146 - Fuel Injector Group 1 - Supply Voltage Circuit<br />
P2149 - Fuel Injector Group 2 - Supply Voltage Circuit<br />
P2609 - Intake Air Heater System Performance <br />
P2503 - Charging System Output Low (But I did just replace a battery)<br />
<br />
<br />
Looking for some guidance here. The truck fires right up and idles smooth. It does NOT get the dead pedal like an APPS failing. It drives smooth and feels fine on the level.<br />
<br />
Pulling hills, it feels like it is not making enough boost. Underpowered.<br />
<br />
But the truck absolutely is NOT in limp mode. I could drive it 100 miles on the highway today and not feel underpowered. Get on a steep city hill and it feels sluggish. FWIW, it is WAY less responsive than my friends stock 6.7L and comparable to my 99' 5.9 Intake/Exhaust truck. <br />
<br />
It runs too smooth, no smoke, etc. for me to be convinced I have multiple bad injectors. I am leaning towards a faulty MAP Sensor, the SKIM Key thing leaving the truck in a detuned mode?, or a Waste Gate that is stuck open. <br />
<br />
I am open to any and all suggestions.<br />
<br />
<br />
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