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Need some help with rough idle.

So I was helping a friend try to diagnose his problem and now I'm stumped. His truck is a 99 2500 4x4. It is a factory manual truck, fass 150, hot rod pump, 150hp injectors (don't know the brand), and edge juice set on stock. The truck had these mods done when he bought it. Had a slightly rough idle, ran it out of fuel then the next day on the way to work it started idling very rough, it accelerates strong,with only black smoke, but at constant fuel it is rough. No smoke at idle and It idles about 1000rpm, but varies between 950-1075. At first I though fuel pressure, so checked and its 17-18psi. So looked at injectors, took them to be pop tested and get new orings on them and tubes. Cummins shop said they weren't too bad, but rebuilt them and sold him new tubes saying one had messed up threads. Same part number on tubes, all new o rings and copper washers. Now truck still has the rough idle like its missing and far less power. No codes stored, but it blows the ECM fuse constantly which knocks out dome light also. The wiring work don't under the hood is sloppy, and just all around looks like previous owner was clueless about working on a vehicle. Do you guys think we have a electrical problem, or something else?

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