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"street truck" pics post here

so at first i wanted to lift my truck with a 3" carli backcountry series kit and 35's on 20" wheels, but then i started thinking, i never take my truck off roading, so why spend all this money on a performance lift, when i can spend it on engine/transmission performance... plus my goal is to eventually have a high hp daily that i can race on weekends if i choose to. around here everyone has a lifted truck, thats all you see pretty much (not saying i dont like lifted trucks) just figured id do something different and go the other route instead, and have that street truck look...

so basically i want all you fine folks out there to post pics of your street trucks (or pavement queens as some call them lol). i dont want to see lifted trucks, this is a thread for stock height or lowered 4th gen hd rams on 20" or 22" wheels with street tires. post away

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