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so you're down to 2 choices.
1. use it like a car, only hauling a few bags of groceries.
2. trade it in on that Prius you been dreaming about.

replacing worn injectors with new ones with high flow rate nozzles can also cause the fuel rationality ECM algorithm code problem.

this may have been Fiat Chrysler's way of solving all their still on the road engine warranty issues with the 5.9 HPCR caused by add on boy toy programmers damaging their engines. The Fiat software developers came up with the 5.9 ECM Bug from Hell.

Originally Posted by Ryker Peterson View Post
So I have been reading a bunch on this same problem and there has been a bunch of guys replacing the injectors and it hasn't solved the problem at all. they have said its a programing issue more than anything and don't waste 3gs in injectors. what will happen if I run it until there is a sign of bad injectors? everything I have read says its the latest update from dodge stock programing which I have in right now. what do you guys think? because im not sure about engine provblems, im new to this, I haven't had a problem besides front end stuff and 2 turbos in the 3 years iv owned it. its been an awesome truck.

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