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There a bunch of guys replacing bad injectors with bad injectors and wondering why the conditions that cause the DTC don't go away, that is a lot more likely scenario.

The sensitivity of that DTC leaves a lot to be desired, but, don't think it is a glitch. If it was there would be a lot more instances of it happening on known good injectors. As many people that are running larger injectors and the number of these trucks on the road it would be nothing but mayhem if it was a glitch.

Easy way to tell if you have a problem or it is a glitch, do an injector return flow test and cylinder contribution to see what is really going on. If the injectors are returning more than they should, well there ya go.

The DTC is set by a calculation based on what the ECU sees a as fuel flow. Either it is actually too much menaing there is a mechanical problem, or, sensors are returning false information. Injectors, FCA, and PRV are the biggest culprits. Start your diagnostics there.

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