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replies are much appreciated. i have been looking at this truck for over a week. it looks real good in the pictures (clean paint), not a dent or any scratches that i can see, interior looks real clean also. definitely the appearance of a well maintained truck. asking $7995 w/305k. 1997, 4x4, auto, CC, 8' (north carolina, no rust). he says it runs/drives well. problems - fuel sender doesn't work (i'll fix that someday) and hard start, has to add a little throttle. i expect either a air leak in a line or out of adjustment idle screw. w/that many miles i really would feel best w/a compression test, costs $220 at the dodge dealer, i figure worth the money. also i'll have them check fuel pressure (and a full presale inspection). my biggest concern is that it will get me home 300 miles w/o having a fuel problem. he says it runs fine after it starts. i have a list of fuel system components to inspect and service, with a little time, i'll go thru it all.
as long as it runs/drives well, pass inspection, no immediate issues w/transmission or differentials or other big ticket items, my biggest concern is the bottom end of the engine. the top end is not quite as expensive.
i just wanted to ask around to see if i look nuts buying a truck w/300k. if the compression is good, the bottom end should be fine and have plenty of power left in it. that's determined by oil changes and how it was treated. i would hope that they weren't giving it too much pedal when starting it and running high above idle speed.
anything else should be concerned about? i was thinking of offering $7,000.

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