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shakn03 03-29-2010 12:23 AM

Diy fog light install
My truck did not come with them. I like the up close lighting they offer, so I searched out my best options. I did not want to hack up wiring and have ugly switches, so I choose to go with factory add ons.
Here is where I purchased them.
eBay My World - fivestar_autos
$126.95 + 12.05 shipping. Part # 82209437
Here is the plug and play kit
STEP 1) Remove old bezels from bumper. Using a straight screwdriver enter at the top of the bezel in the 1:00 position for left side, aprox 11:00 for right side., pop the top and give it a pull.
STEP 2) Now directions say to install light. DONT. Install the trim ring first. If you put the light in there you cannot reach behind the ring to assist in installing it. I removed the light and went trim ring first, much much easier....
New trim ring and light installed
Repeat for both sides. With the trim ring in first you can look from the front and adjust the lights center of trim ring before tightening them, they are slotted and move up and down quite a bit.
STEP 3) Lay out wiring harness with the end having two connections going to drivers side.
STEP 4) Plug in starting at DRIVERS side. You will see factory plug on bumper brace. I took some contact cleaner to the plug first to remove debris.
STEP 5) Run wiring harness inside the bumper. It lays in behind the bumper supports and secures through holes in the bumper from the inside out.
Do this untill reaching the passengers light, make that connection.

Now you are done under the truck.
STEP 6) Remove headlight bezel from your truck. Take with you a phillips screwdriver and the new switch provided in the kit.
Unplug origional switch, remove three phillips screws holding it to the bezel, install new switch and pop back into dash.

You are done :party018:

Some adjusting may be required. Mine when I took it outside and hit my garage door with the park lights only and fog lights they were aimed really good. I may do SOME adjusting after I drive it but they seem to be fine. :thumbsup:

gianotti 03-30-2010 10:25 AM

This should be a sticky in the tech section!

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