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Pionex80 10-11-2019 07:40 AM

Help Identifying wire connector 2005 2500 CTD
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Hello everyone,

I have a Dodge Ram 2500, 2005, Quad Cab, Long Bed, 4WD, with the 5.9L engine, G56 6 Spd. Earlier in the summer I removed the front bumper assembly, but could not complete the install of the replacement. Now, working back on it, I am stumped by a hanging wire connector that looks like the style used for ABS connectors, black with a slide-locking red tab. The wire is located near the left (driver) front side of the truck under the headlamp area and the length of the wire is about 12 inches from where it branches off from. The color of the wires in the connector is white with yellow stripe and black. I am wondering if this is supposed to be a dead-end ABS connector that was just connected to old front bumper brackets by its push in mount?? It looks to be like the right length. But then there should be a dead-end cap to insert into this?

Can anyone look under their truck to identify this wire? See attached image. If you need more information just let me know what is needed.

All the other wires identified, headlamp, turn signal and driving lights. This is one that I can't figure out.

rghavana 10-12-2019 09:16 AM

I would say foglamp most trucks prewired:wink2:

Pionex80 10-13-2019 10:24 AM

This wire that I am stumped on is not for the driving lights. There are two wire connectors hanging in the image. The one in the background is for the driving lights and the one in the foreground is the one that I am concerned about. I installed the front bumper the other day and as well the headlamp, and I will take another image showing this wire hanging as it does with those items installed. I still think this style of connector appears to be an ABS style, although I am not understanding why the wire connector is in the location that it is because there is no ABS items there. Unless it is supposed to be a dead end connector with a cap on it and just fixed to the front bumper bracket. I still need some help with this. I am going to call some salvage yards and try to look in parking lots for my style year and model there, and hope that an owner will let me look at that wire real quick.

BR3500 10-13-2019 01:00 PM

It sounds like the connector for the ambient air temperature sensor. The sensor itself should be located around where the headlight assembly mounts.

CaptM 10-13-2019 01:57 PM

Do you have fog lights? If so, should have same connector and wires on both sides.

Pionex80 10-13-2019 05:09 PM

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Not the driving/fog light wire. Also this is not the wire for the ambient air temperature sensor. That sensor is right next to the drivers headlamp. I am attaching another image with the bumper and drivers headlight now installed. Hope this helps.

Pionex80 10-13-2019 05:11 PM

I just know that when I go to install the batteries and hook everything up I am going to get a code for this wire. I am still trying to figure out where it went. But it fits right near the small hole in the left (driver side) bumper bracket.

spooled05 10-13-2019 05:26 PM

That is the factory fog light wire , what lights do you have in there now ? Do they turn on with the headlight switch ?

Broncowilly 10-13-2019 05:39 PM

I have the same one on my 2003. It may be prewired fog lamps as mine has aftermarket fog lamps installed.

spooled05 10-13-2019 05:40 PM

Just to clear things up , the factory fogs both wire together and connect to the plug you are questioning. Evidently you have aftermarket fog lights .

Diesel On 10-14-2019 08:53 AM

Is it possible that it is either the connector for the fca on the cp3 pump or the battery temperature sensor connector? Just running through what all is in that corner of the truck. Good luck!

rghavana 10-14-2019 08:54 AM

AFAIK, If it is OEM wiring 03-07 for main circuits
white color and (X)color tracer signifies lighting circuit.
dark green and (X) tracer signifies abs circuit.

2005 FSM connector pin out for DS fog lamp no such thing as independent driving lights works with head light switch


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