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Dankram 02-28-2019 09:39 PM

3rd Gen Chase Truck Build
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Building a ‘chase truck’ that will probably chase nothing but $$ down the toilet.

Fiberglass fenders
Carli Suspension
Full rhino liner
Diff cover

All going in this round.

04dodgebeatty 02-28-2019 10:17 PM

i like where you are going. We do this for fun, right. Will it stay white or what color or wrap?

Dankram 02-28-2019 11:34 PM

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It’s getting a flat dark earth, dark tan rhino liner exterior.

Here’s some pics of before it went into shop this last time.

I saw your build. Pretty cool.

nopavement 03-02-2019 06:19 PM

Nice, any changes to the bed? A welder always has to ask.

Gator1 03-02-2019 07:05 PM

Did you put MRAP wheels on it?

Dankram 03-21-2019 11:39 AM

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No changes to the bed. Yet.

It has 12 bolt hummvee wheels.

Latest pics coming out of paint. Full rhino lined.

If anyone needs stuff done in Central Texas, I could not recommend Texas Hunting and Off Road more. They’ve been great.

OCVeloMan 03-21-2019 01:29 PM

Looking GOOD!!

"Building a ‘chase truck’ that will probably chase nothing but $$ down the toilet." A quote for the books, I love it!

Dankram 03-21-2019 03:14 PM

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Thanks! Just trying to be honest. Wait until you see the flir system I’m mounting to a go light. Full pan tilt zoom, 640x512 resolution. It’ll see a hog at 1000 yards.

This is it being tested in my wife’s bmw.

Gator1 03-21-2019 03:16 PM

That will blend into the terrain well. Don't forget to mount a 50 cal in the bed

Dankram 03-21-2019 03:33 PM

Hmmm. Now that sounds awesome. I’d have more to worry about from my wife if I take on adding another project to this truck.

Dankram 03-22-2019 06:05 PM

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Pics coming out of paint.

nopavement 03-23-2019 05:29 PM

Looks good, im really liking the build

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