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Originally Posted by TransEngineer View Post
1st and 4th gear limp-in is what we call "logical limp-in" and is typically in response to internal slippage within the trans (not the TCC). This is not related to trans temperature per se, but apparently when your trans gets above 180 sump it leaks enough, to slip enough, to blow a gear ratio
Let me know what codes the dealer finds. Do you notice any slippage when it's in limp-in? If not, maybe you haven't damaged anything too badly yet, and if you're lucky maybe a simple valve body swap will fix you up. But let me know what they say....
when I took the truck in last time they hooked up their tool to the obd2 port and drive the truck. They told me the tq was slipping and making the trans hot. They also said that all the other components in the trans were in perfect condition. I don't knotice any slippage in limp that I can remember as I drove it today and never went into limp.

I will let you know!

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