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Originally Posted by TransEngineer View Post
200 degrees is nothing to worry about. I wouldn't get concerned unless you were running over 230F sump temp, and even that isn't extreme. Cooler is better, but operating at 200F will not result in rapid trans failure.

The P0700 is a flag (in the ECM) that tells you there is some other fault set in the TCM. Your scan tool (like most aftermarket ones) apparently only reads codes in the ECM. You need to have your dealer check the trans codes (in the TCM), then let me know what you've got.

Yes, a valve body swap is really simple and you can DIY no problem. But check the faults first - that will give us a clue as to what's going on.
Around 180 degrees my trans goes into limp mode... Where it only runs in 1st and 4th. So if my trans is safe up to around 230 degrees then why is it in limp? And how do others run that high of temp without throwing a code? It stays in the 150s whith the black Maxx on stock and me manual shifting.

I'll stop by the dealer asap and let you know what their scan tool says!

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