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vaccum pump blues!!!!!!!

alright guys i got a few questions for ya i got a 98 12v and when i bout the truck it had a few oil leaks timing cover gasket, front main, rear main, and vacuum pump seal between power steer pump and vacuum pump got every leak fixed on truck last summer but! that darn vacuum pump i have redone the seal and o ring twice it lasts like maybe two weeks and thens starts dripping again. when i first did the seal i did a lot of research on here as far as where to get the seal from and what not. i bought it from the guy that has the custom two lip seal for it per numerous posts on here. i have replaced the power steering pump because the old one kicked the can! so my question is do refurbished power steering pumps have a smaller diameter output shaft that just wont seal or what. also i will say i did the install right me and my buddy chipped in the buy that instructional video and CUSTOM TOOLS (which are not so custom when you work in the plumbing field by the way) did the install the same as the that dude in the video did and still is dripping on me any help would be much appreciated thanks guys

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