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Originally Posted by RRudzi View Post
Yes, I am the one. The Dealer that denied the repair claims that I had hit something to cause the tie rod end to break. I argued with them, with no results. I called chrysler customer service and they called the dealer and they supported the dealers claim that i had damaged it. Now I am on a mission. lol. I just received a phone call this morning @ 8:30 am from the Ram marketing group that has taken over my case. I will keep everyone updated on this dangerous matter. Let me add that when it snapped i was in 4x4 backing out of a spot. So since the roads had snow on them the dealer assumes I had hit something.
From the location of these breaks, here is my theory. Where the threaded stud goes through the knuckle, its shearing at the botom. This could be from not torqued enough, then the sharp end fron the tapered bore at the bottom is slightliy cutting into the stud, creating a stress riser. Or the tapered bore was not honed and relieved of the sharp edge cutting in, even when tight creating a stress riser (stress riser is any nick, a place where crack will start)

Then add the extra weight from a diesel engine under slow speeds creates the greatest stress which ends up snapping it. I have a buddy who had his break in his hemi powered 1500. Stopped, turning in a parking lot. A 2008 model. Because of the severe danger this could cause, this should be a high priority and should be a mandatory recall. They are risking lives to save some money, in th eend, it could cost them lots more. Its like tripping over a dollar to save a nickel. I feel uncomfortable driving mine down the road now, and dont even have 2000 miles on it yet. I know its coming, just "when"

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