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Originally Posted by ngr2001 View Post
I have a few simple Exhaust Brake ?'s that I am finding conflicting answers too, I would like a real diesel expert to chime in please and set the record straight.

1. Does turning on the Exhaust Brake after a cold start help or hurt with regards to heating up the motor to operating temperature.

In your owners manual it says it will help in-heating up your cold motor.

2. Will using the Exhaust Brake all the time Increase or Decrease MPG.

yes, a small decrease but it is very little as it limits some of the coasting, as wants to slow you down, but your break pads will last longer

3. Will Using the Exhaust Brake all the time Increase or Decrease the life of the Turbo and motor.
It seams to help with longevity as it helps to keep the turbo clear of soot.

Also if it makes a difference am looking for answers geared toward a completely deleted truck. 2010 3500 H&S 5" Exhaust, EGR/Cooler Delete, Banks Intake, XRT Pro.
Delete it, it will last longer and run better.
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