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Since i started this thread i just kept trucking with the tunes cranked up. Another 3800km or so with regular inspections, Now its getting really noisy. Still no excessive play in any of the joints. Wheel bearings have minimal “slop” so I ordered up 2 new hubs and a lower balljoint that as-well has the tiniest bit play. So strange..Thing sounds like somethings going to pile up. When i hit washboard it chatters. So one might say brake chatter. But everything is tight in the brake department as far as I can tell with a bar and hand wiggle. Gonna see when i get the tires off mid next week. local parts stores/Dealer want $500-600 for a HUB. I ordered one SKF BR930553 for 240 and I thought would give MEVOTECH - H515148 a try for 135 all in.

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