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Originally Posted by Antonm View Post
While I have no idea if Dodge did that with the odometers, I have seen digital speedo's stop at a given metric equivalent.
Back in the early 2000's I was really into sport bikes and closed course motorcycle road racing. Can't tell you how many internet posts I saw and people telling me how they "looked down and saw their speedometer at over 190 MPH" , to which I'd reply, your bike isn't capable of going that fast and even it if were, the digital speedometer circuitry doesn't exist to read past 186 MPH (which is 300 KPH). And when / if they didn't believe me, all you had to do was watch a video of someone doing a dyno run and see the speedo just stop at 186 as RPM's continues to rise (on a relatively light loaded dyno of course).
I kinda get the feeling that you're pointing out people tend to be liars...

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