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Call me crazy buy yes. I've known this guy since high school and he is one of few shops in my area that will dive this deep into something. He is very good at repairs and they do good work. This has just been very difficult to diagnose. Noises are so hard to find sometimes, I wish I could strap myself under the truck while it's being driven to listen to everything under there while it's going down the road but I can't. Believe me I'm very frustrated with him as I blamed the transfer case for this problem since day one. However we have found reason to justify making every repair he has made so far. It's just the repairs have not been the cause of the knocking sound yet. I have found one other shop in the area that gets good remarks as far as being a good Diesel shop when it comes to engine work but when I talked to him he did not give the impression they were real strong with axles and such so I decided to stay with what I know. That may or may not have been a good idea but it seemed right at the time. I hate change and I have a hard time trusting someone new. Just me.

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