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Injector help please!

First off, I use this truck for my business as mobile automotive technician. I really haven't done anything with diesels much besides my time in the army. Lately I have noticed a brief hesitation between me pushing the pedal and the truck actually moving. Almost like a brief dead pedal. Well. Today it just bogged down and began blowing grey/white smoke BAD! It also began knocking. Now I know enough to know for a fact it's an injector knock. I immediately shut the truck off and coasted in neutral to safe spot to park and got a tow truck to haul me and my truck back home about two miles. I already removed the valve cover now and have pulled 3 of the six injectors the OHM readings were in spec on all 6, (tested in place.) And have decided to reach out before I pull the back 3 and it just started raining also, so I was forced to cover the engine up and call it a day. I noticed where the turbo mounts to the manifold is soaked, also a barely noticeable spot on the far back cylinder exhaust port, on the top of the tube about 2 inches away from where it bolts to the head. I've read else where that's a sign #6 is stuck open. I've searched and searched but nothing truly stood out to me in my searches. I dont own an injector tester, nor do we have any "decent" diesel shops around that qre able to get me in.being a veteran small business owner that I just started has drained me in start up costs etc so I can't currently afford all 6 injectors or I wouldn't be here, I would simply replace them all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! By the way all mods were don by the previous owner except for the tune. My diagnostic tablet ( snap-on modis ultra) is sent put for a warranty claim so I dont have a scanner at the moment and my tuner doesn't provide live data. And yes fuel pressure is good (tested it two days ago when i noticed the hesitation at take off the first time.) and i only get diesel by the interstate where i know it's good.

Truck info...
2004.5 3500 CTD
Auto trans.
Economy tune
5"turbo back exhaust.

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