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Originally Posted by bikerz View Post
Just ran into this thread and had a thought (happens once in a while) don't mention what your application is for the truck. Are you hauling all the time and what kind of weight? For all the potential modification you're talking about, although fun to do, is there a simpler path? I haul intermittently up to about 16K and hated the Getrag, especially 3-4, so when I rebuilt I went with a Southbend clutch and GearVendor OD. 'Course it required cutting the driveline, and the GV won't work in 4WD, but it works 100% better for what I do (farming mostly, hauling equipment and product). I also find it great when I'm not hauling and on the hiway, it is smooooth in 5th OD at 75mph (4.11 gears). Oh, '93 W250 with mild changes including slightly larger injectors, pump bump and turbo adjustment. As I said...just a thought.
I think I have decided on an easier way. I think what I'm going to do instead of a 10 speed which is out of my price range, is install a 4 speed Muncie SM420 behind the Getrag 360. I'll primarily be using 3rd and 4th in the SM420. If my Math is correct, 3rd should essentially split my gears in half coming out of the Getrag. Then to 4th in the SM420 for direct. I already have about 5 of these laying around and I work in a shop where we are constantly building/rebuilding driveshafts so that won't be an issue. I'll have to rig up a bearing for the front of the input shaft on the SM420 but I think it'll work for me.

Working with old iron might be the death of me. What a way to go.
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