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Originally Posted by Wyo George View Post
I love oil/filter/tire/maintenance interval threads. They usually contain a few snippets of quality information and lots of quality entertainment.
Okay, here's my contribution to the entertainment part:

Changed the oil (and filter) for the third time on the '17 3500. The first was an early change, so it really doesn't count.

In almost a year, 6,278 miles, 106 driving hours, and one idle hour, the oil was at 59%.

In comparison, the prior change was 14 months, about 5,000 miles, 122/8 hours, and 55%.

Maybe if we start telling people that the brain is an app, they will start using it?

'14 1500 V6, '17 3500 C&C, plus a '19 3500 6.4 in the household.
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