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Originally Posted by jussmok3dout View Post
For a single what are the pros and cons for gated vs non gated? Specifically a larger single such as a sxe s369, would you run that gated or non gated?
It depends on how you look at it, benefit of non gated would be the ability to run a t4 housing which drops drive pressure and lowers temps a bit in most cases. Boost is completely controlled by your right foot and how much fuel you have to drive the turbo. A t3 gated its very quick to light and the boost is controlled by the gate obviously. Temps are usually higher with a t3 as a single compared to a t4. Its all about pros vs cons for you specific desires and plans for the truck, theres trade offs to running a t4 but there are also benefits. Me personally I don't mind the slightly slower spool of a t4 doesn't really bother me as I am a manual truck and can wine my rpms out if I want to keep on top of the charger

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