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I went to 4.56 after reading a bunch of people here that said 4.10-4.56 wouldn't be a big difference. I tow a 10k trailer regularly in hilly areas, so I thought this would do me better... 75 MPH at 2000 rpms is a bit annoying when I'm not towing, but not unbearable. It has been amazing for towing. Driving up several grades that normally put me at about 1400 degrees, the temps never broke 1000 the last time I towed... and the exhaust brake is awesome now! If I had to do it again, I would go 4.10, but I don't regret my decision... I'm the guy who would have always thought, I wonder if it would have been better at 4.56...

2016 Ram 2500 (Tradesman/Cummins), Rocky Ridge Altitude Edition, 4.56
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