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If a late VW Diesel with the cute shifty transmission offers insight, it won't be "$200 more"'ll be $2000 more per major maint. Lifting a body for relatively simple repairs is common, not neccesarily with Suburbans, but maintenance on common vehicles can be unmerciful. Excursions, Ford pickups, and some Chevys fall into the ultra high cost to operate. People think 'diesel' and they think long term maintenance free operation. Maybe not.
As stated, a Suburban is a unique vehicle. I just sold a K2500 because it would not safely pull my toy hauler. The new 'burb with a 3.0 and independent rear suspension might replace a mini van, but it won't fit into the existing tiny Sububan niche. I see your tax dollars buying those things. They'll make nice luxury gov transportation. And, gov has shops all ready for them...and an endless supply of cash.
My above prattle describes why I bought a very nice Ram 3500. At the least, i can see the engine and the body stays on even if a turbo fails.

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