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Originally Posted by JRL#S View Post
Suburban has offered the V8 Duramax in new Suburbans. About $100k. Very special order. Only a few built each year.
I wouldn't think a 3.0 would be useful in an 6500 lb truck? Be nice for a grocery cart. With the cost of diesel fuel, and the cost of a Suburban...I dunno. They install similar sized V6 diesels in mini motorhomes and they are way slow. Maybe GM is creating a new smallish 'Suburban' for the engine?

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It does make more torque than the 5.3 does that we have now. Im intrigued... especially since its an inline motor. It might turn out like the ram eco diesel and be a hunk a junk. They are advertising 33mpg hwy though. Im not worried about towing, got the 2500 for that.

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