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Originally Posted by nick00less View Post
I would gear first instead of delete. May make you think twice on deleting after you feel the difference gears will make.

Whoever told you that you will be disappointed from a gear swap is a knucklehead.

Oh and thereís a reason why 4.10 is always talked about, because itís more than whatís needed for 37ís. Itís not because we drank the kool aid, itís because it actually is ideal. These trucks need 3.9 something with 37ís. Since none such gear exists the next best is 4.10

But Iím tired of convincing people, or trying to. You pick whatever you want. 4.10 4.30 4.56

Itís all the same (drive/feel/acceleration), only difference is final rpm.

In the end youíll be happy.

Oh and decide to delete later on top of the gear swap..

Oh boy..youíll be beyond happy.

You and I think alike. I did talk to a local guy with 4.56 and 37s and said it was too low. Im leaning tawrds a 4.10.

I agree with delete and gears... that's the goal.

Im a 100% DIY guy but I rank ring and pinion with transmissions. I would love to order a set of Yukon gears and slap them in this weekend but I don't have the knowledge.

So what brand of gears and what did they run you installed?

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