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P1222 trouble code help

I'm having an issue with my 2006 5.9 manual. I bought the truck a few months ago, and up until recently it's been running like a scalded dog. I was taking a small trip (600-ish miles) probably a month ago, and while cruising at 70mph my grid heater light comes on and chimes 10 times, and my power was cut almost in half. I stopped and filled up, turned the truck back on, and there was no light. Ran great for a few weeks. Fast forward to 3 days ago. Coming home from a local trip, same thing. Light, 10 chimes, no power. I scanned the codes and got a P1222 "Injector Control Circuit Intermittent". I pulled the valve cover, and the injector harness looked like it had been put in a blender. I replaced it hoping that would fix my problem, but no dice. About 250 miles in the light came on again.

Any ideas here? I ohm tested the injectors when I had the valve cover off, and injector 1 was bouncing all over the place to begin with. Tested 2-6 and all were good. Once I checked all the others, I came back to 1 to confirm that's the problem child, and it settled nicely at 0.6, so I figured maybe I just didn't have good contact on my first attempt.

Really hoping someone can point me in the right direction here (and the right direction not being $3k for new injectors...).


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