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Many good shops offer life time warranty on their work. If they missed something they will go back and fix it. Its not all bad to use a shop the insurance company recommends, the insurance company also only wants to fix it once. Progressive recommended a good shop after my accident, but it was to far away so I chose a local shop that does a lifetime guarantee on collision repair. You might also want to make sure the shop you use does a lot of work with the insurance company, it will make it a lot smoother and quicker. A lot of time is wasted waiting for insurance adjuster to show up and approve the work, which confuses me since they have no choice. But if an adjuster for that company goes there every other day for multiple cars it helps. If they person who hit you has some odd insurance it might not apply. Remember you can take it to any shop you want, you do not have to use the one the at fault drivers insurance wants to use. Also look into Diminished Value, most states allow it. Once your truck is repaired back the exact condition it was before the accident your truck is still worth less then it was because it now has been in a wreck and that will show up on the carfax reports. So you cannot sell it as never been in an accident. In Fl you have 4 years to file a diminished value claim. My truck has $18 of front end damage, I accepted $3K in diminished value. But nothing on my truck was repaired, it was all new parts, all new suspension, new axle housing, new radiator, new everything. It was all unbolt and bolt on new parts. Maybe I could have gotten more, but I was happy and moved on.

If you get into a second accident it will be much harder to get a diminished value claim if your state allows it, because its value was already diminished. That really stinks if this was not major damage but also something to consider. Until a good shop puts it in a rack and checks motor mounts, frame dimensions etc you really have no clue of how much damage.

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