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Originally Posted by HeavyTwo View Post
The EB cost $1400 or something if I recall. If money no issue and you tow often you may want to look at pac Brake is supposed to be a better solution.

I bought a pedal commander a few years back. Best modification I’ve done, including the turbo swap. It totally changes the way the truck drives. Mainly in city type driving, it accelerates like a car. It really only improves city stop n go type driving. Just the pedal commander made truck drive like a light car. It’s how the truck should have driven from the factory.

Now that I’ve deleted n tuned, I can say the throttle booster alone feels like a tune n deleted truck when city driving. I removed the throttle booster after I tuned n deleted, and truck basically drove the same in city driving (stop n go stuff). I later reinstalled the booster, and the truck now drives like a beast when city driving.

I contacted my tuner to see if they could improve throttle response. They advised me to buy and use a throttle booster, even with a tune.

Honestly, when I first bought the booster, I was ready to return it with in a week. I was convinced there was no way a throttle booster would make a difference. I was figuring I could just press the throttle further or faster to get same results. But, the booster really works different. It NOT the same as pressing harder. Think of an older car where you have a kick down cable on the transmission. On those cars you can tighten that cable and get an improvement. The booster has that effect.

I highly recommend any throttle booster for Cummins trucks, stock, tuned, deleted and so on. Again, honestly best Single modification I’ve done to this truck, INCLUDING the iron horn kit. Like I said, stop n go driving is about the same with a deleted n tuned with turbo. If I only did stop n go driving and could have “ throttle booster “ OR “ tune n delete “. I’d pick the throttle booster. Obviously the iron horn kit is on a whole new level on open roads.
may have to look into that then.. i still need to get my gauges as i’ve been lagging on it (decided to go with autometer rather than a monitor because of the looks & accuracy) so after i get those i may have to look into this throttle booster. how long have you had your iron horn kit? did your mpg go up at all or did it drop a lot? i drive pretty good as i’m always watching my mpg but i do occasionally let her roar lol also does anyone know if i should bite the bullet now or maybe wait and see if black friday will have any good discounts on this kit? i just don’t know how much life the vgt has left
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