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Originally Posted by HeavyTwo View Post
I went with Iron horn kit when my VGT went out.

I WAS looking at getting another VGT, performance type unit. Mainly cause I tow often and wanted exhaust brake ( EB for the remaining of this thread to save from typing exhaust brake, cause I really hate typing words, like Exhaust Brake. So to save time from typing Exhaust Brake I’ll shorten it to EB)

I discovered the iron horn kit. I like it because it uses factory intake system instead of the “ hot air “ intakes on 2nd gen conversations. I went with the 364.5 turbo. It pulls very hard, lots more force than factory. Low RPM OR slow speed driving is about the same as stock. But, on the highway, once the turbo spools and moves massive amounts of air, it’ll put you in the seat. Obviously not a race truck, but I’ve taken out an early 2000s vett, Ran side by side with a 5.0 Mustang ( 130plus), and dead even with a 392 charger. Impressive for 8000# beast. But it’s not for racing, my goal is Reliable, strong towing. And this truck will pull my ~#10,000 dump trailer with ease. Still feel it back there, but it it’ll reach speed like nothing, pull up mountain passes with little stress.

Maybe all aftermarket kits 2nd or 3rd gen are like that.? Not sure, admittedly this is my first time. I like the iron horn kit because it looks near stock. It’ll take original emissions equipment if wanted.

I added the BD exhaust brake ( EB for short as I really hate typing Exhaust Brake ). It operates equal to the original as far as buttons and settings. It seems much stronger than the original VGT EB ( (EB stands for Exhaust Brake ). On dirt roads in 4 low, the EB ( Exhaust Brake) causes the rear tires to skid.

If I could make a change, I think I would have selected the 366 turbo. And gotten the 5” EB ( Exhaust Brake).

I’d recommend getting a throttle booster too. Makes a huge drivability improvement when city driving.
A 392?? Man that makes me smile on what I’ll be getting myself into.. the EB worth it then? Because it is like $300 right? The factory eb hasn’t ever been that great for me so I was iffy. Also I’ve heard so many back and forth on throttle boosters. People say when you tune that does the throttle booster, therefore not needed?
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