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Originally Posted by nick00less View Post
Any 300 or 400 turbo will have plenty of power. 2nd gens are fun but pricey. If you’re on a budget I’d go with a 300 turbo like the one you listed. Good tuning goes a long way.

If it were me I’d go with that kit and a turbo from stainless.
Yeah I’m 1500ish seems nicer then 3500ish, and yes a 5.9 sounds good but idk about that much more. From what I’ve seen, a 364.5 is the highest for stock fuel, but I’ve seen a few people say go with a 366 even though bd recommends bigger injectors for that? Really now I’d just like input on a 364.5 vs 366. Being in lower elevation (2800ft) I’ll probably go with a 1.0ar on either one, unless I hear otherwise!
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