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New radiator and intercooler, THE HARD WAY...

Rolling up the interstate thursday afternoon, was in the left lane about to pass a couple of 18 wheelers moving pretty slow.

Just as I get to the first truck, he suddenly changes lanes over in front of me and hits his brakes, apparently to allow the other truck ahead of him to move over for another truck pulling out off the shoulder.

The guy whipped over so fast and hit his brakes, that I couldn't slow down in time and I hit him hard.

The 18 wheelers KEPT GOING...DIDN'T STOP.

I pulled off onto the inside shoulder and median and stopped.

I didn't see any company name on the back of the 18 wheeler trailer and no way I could get the license plate number.

The airbags didn't deploy, and I hit the steering wheel hard into my chest, still hurts!!!

I guess this is partly my fault, probably should have slowed down when I came up on the slower moving trucks, but didn't expect the bonehead to suddenly swerve over in front of me, he didn't signal either.

So, crash bent the radiator support back, pushing the radiator into the fan clutch scraping holes in it, bumper pushed into the intercooler ripping a hole in it. Tweaked the upper engine compartment frame, front fenders, cracked headlights, bent the a/c condenser, broke or bent all kinds of mounts, bent and pushed back the fenders, trashed the hood.

State cops came out, took my statement, but without any info on the 18 wheeler, there wasn't much they could do about him, he was long gone.

The wrecker that came out and hauled my truck off turned out to be from a body shop at the closest town. Turned out to be a great place with a bunch of great friendly employees. They offered, of course, to do the whole repair job for me, but it would have taken them 10 days or so, having to have parts shipped in and what not. What I had them do was just get the truck driveable, so they pulled it apart, literally PULLED IT APART with their frame machine to get the radiator and intercooler out, found both those parts and some of the supporting parts, at a RAM dealer one town over from them, and got them installed and the truck back in driveable form in just one day. Great job they did, saved me from being stuck there for days.

I was on my way to get a trailer when this happened, didn't want to lose out on that, so after they got my truck driveable, I went ahead and drove on up and picked up the trailer and hauled it back home. ZERO ISSUES with driving it, even with the front end smashed.

New radiator is great, truck hasn't run this cool with a trailer on it since before the water pump crapped out on it. Never topped 200 even in 93 degree heat and a big head wind coming back through arkansas. Truck was cool, I was sweating my hiney off with no a/c!


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