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Originally Posted by vreihen View Post
Sure it is. We don't live in or pay taxes in that county, and the free chargers are a 100% county initiative to increase eco-tourism among the hippies heading to Woodstock and New Paltz.

I believe that it is covered under the 10/100K mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. She is driving it over 28K miles (45 K km) per year, so the warranty will probably be over before the last payment is made. In general, EV motor failures to date are not a huge problem. Given that it uses a shared motor/battery system with Hyundai, I'd imagine that the corporation would do a good-will replacement just to tear it down and see why it failed.....
Good luck on the good will. Same companies charge a core charge for the old parts which lets them get the part and still make money. Hell, hyundai would not even pay to replace the starter on a 3month old car because the part did not fail enough on a known bad part.
The problem with ev is they have truly limited range once you begin to really load the vehicle. The way they work now, people put very little load on the motor or batteries. Wait until you try to use the same motor to pull a stump or break a stick trailer free. The motor will load out, stalling under direct drive. The same load may overheat the battery and cause a cell to fail, killing an entire pack. Ev is way off from being used by the US. Europe can push it because not all of the population owns vehicle as they have taxed them into oblivion.
Now, when a ev vehicle as large as my truck can do the same as the truck and cost half as much as the truck does now, we can talk.

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