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Originally Posted by Jimmy N. View Post
They're not free now.
Sure it is. We don't live in or pay taxes in that county, and the free chargers are a 100% county initiative to increase eco-tourism among the hippies heading to Woodstock and New Paltz.

Originally Posted by Drle View Post
What is Kia's warranty period for the electric motor?
I believe that it is covered under the 10/100K mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. She is driving it over 28K miles (45 K km) per year, so the warranty will probably be over before the last payment is made. In general, EV motor failures to date are not a huge problem. Given that it uses a shared motor/battery system with Hyundai, I'd imagine that the corporation would do a good-will replacement just to tear it down and see why it failed.....

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