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Fixed the problem kinda a dummy user fault error in my case. Here is a little back story to possibly make a fuel of you guys laugh. I bought the truck from a friend he went and built the engine to factory specs when his son hit a deer and ran it hot and whole nine yards. Mean time I get the truck half of the engine accessories weren’t around no number cooler or radiator. I put everything on and from my understanding I needed 3 grounds for it to work. 1- engine ground 2- alternator ground 3 body ground. I figure I had all three but (here’s where your going to laugh at my foolishness) I had engine ground and two on the alternator on from the plug and one on the mounting bracket. I thought I had all three. My mistake. I put a body ground from battery and boom fires up alllll gauges work alternator charges. Oh and that’s after I changed alt. And css. I’ve always been told the best lessons are learned the hard way. I’ll know for sure next time. But I thank you guys for lending your help/experience. I felt really dumb but super glad I figured it out.
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