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Originally Posted by USMC8511 View Post
Well, my pump just failed at 1,700 miles. They said it was the fact I was using Amsoil 2t oil in the fuel. I've never had anything go bad using Amsoil. They said I should have used the Amsoil fuel treatment for diesels instead. I was also adding just a splash of Marvel Mystery oil. And, at my first fill up I put just a we bit of DEF for extra lubrication. After replacement I will add a bit of fairy dust as well. I just knew reading all these comments would cause a catastrophic failure. I just can't believe it, no really, I just don't believe it happened to me.

Man I'm glad you had that qualifier at the bottom. I was born pretty stupid and near eight decades later still wonder when "smart" starts. It took clean to the DEF lubricant for my old brain to engage.

Friend has reported to me through another forum that he is aware of two CP4 failures in the 2019's. No substantiation on my part and I did not read the earlier posts on the topic here. A few have gone on the Ecodiesels but very few. One Ecodiesel just crossed the 600,000 mile mark (hard to believe but a transporter) with no pump issues.

I bought a 2019 and am aware of the possibility of having a survivor kit for the issue. If available the day after warranty runs out, I will have one.
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