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Originally Posted by GAmes View Post
What is your fuel pressure at idle and free reved to 2000 RPM? Concerning the "need of a rebuild" how many miles between having to add a qt of oil?
Couldnt tell you that. I put a new cummins lift pump in last month and the injection pump was rebuilt last summer, 10k miles on it.

As of rebuild its 16"@2800rpm no load. That depends on the rpm. If im cruising at 2500 rpm or higher i can prolly go 100 miles before i loose a quart. However the vacuum pump leaks and gear housing itself.

1995 2500 ctd std cab 5 speed 4x4. 18o, 20% over fuel plate, 3k gsk, s300 turbo, arp studs, 3 piece exhaust manifold.
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